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I've been gone for awhile now, but I talked to adon, and we still have a few things planned for the server.

  1. We're still planning on adding vote crates.
    1. These crates will have a bunch of new items inside them. Things that change gameplay, and hopefully make it more fun.
  2. Were removing repair signs
    1. Now don't get mad at this. This is a good thing. If we get rid of repair signs then gear will become much cheaper, and it will provide a chance for new players. So yes your gear will break, but who know? This could be a step in the right direction.
  3. With the gear being breakable, were also adding back real enchanting.
    1. This is good too, it adds in more items to buy and adds back another way to use/make money. It'll benefit the economy
  4. Were adding a repair item.
    1. This item can be recieved through the new vote crate, that's why we won't remove the signs till the vote crate is up and running.
  5. Boosters:
    1. Boosters will allow players to receive skill experience easier

These are the things I can think of off the top fo my head, but hopefully it'll be great. If you heard the news of the new beta server, I don't know how long or what direction that thing is going in, but who knows? Anyways, hopefully you guys understand these possible changes to the game! :)

15 Nov 2016, 23:33 4 | 85

apower0 has been awarded 1 month of MVP and Sir_poopsydoodle has been awarded 1 month VIP.

05 Sep 2016, 21:39 2 | 231


As of 7/20/16 it is safe to join the server again. If you have however lost your gear and have not gotten them back, reply down below and we will do our best to give it back. Thank you for your patience!



As of 7/19/2016 we imported an updated spawn, but the spawn is messed up. If you spawn into the game I will try my best if I am online to teleport you onto land, but otherwise you will fall into the void AND LOSE YOUR GEAR. I have contact Adon and I am waiting for him to get online and do something about it, but for now do NOT join the server.

If you have joined and fell into the void already, create a post and if you have screenshots of your gear that would be great, but if you don't please be honest. If you don't have screenshots of your inventory then I cannot promise Adon will give you the gear back.


Sorry for the inconvenience


19 Jul 2016, 16:27 2 | 515

Rocket League has now been added to the available rewards!

Thanks for voting!

09 May 2016, 22:25 1 | 521

The top voter each month will get to choose from a list of games that adondriel has available (there should be a forum post about it somewhere). The second place voter will receive 1 month VIP. In total, each month we will give away 1 game (OR 1 month MVP) and 1 month of VIP. 

1st Place: Choice of game from this list: Click Here OR 1 month MVP

2nd Place: 1 month VIP

Click Here to vote now!

If you are the First place winner on the 1st of the next month, contact Adondriel on Discord to tell him which reward you would like. If you do not contact him by the 15th, your reward will automatically be chosen as 1month MVP. Ex: you are the top voter for december, you would contact Adondriel by the 15th of January.

Discord Link:

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