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IGN: iProMelon
By iProMelon » over 5 years ago


As of 7/20/16 it is safe to join the server again. If you have however lost your gear and have not gotten them back, reply down below and we will do our best to give it back. Thank you for your patience!



As of 7/19/2016 we imported an updated spawn, but the spawn is messed up. If you spawn into the game I will try my best if I am online to teleport you onto land, but otherwise you will fall into the void AND LOSE YOUR GEAR. I have contact Adon and I am waiting for him to get online and do something about it, but for now do NOT join the server.

If you have joined and fell into the void already, create a post and if you have screenshots of your gear that would be great, but if you don't please be honest. If you don't have screenshots of your inventory then I cannot promise Adon will give you the gear back.


Sorry for the inconvenience



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IGN: Ezotik_bro_squad
By Ezotik_bro_squad » over 5 years ago

I lost my diomand sword I was saveing up for like 4 months I lost my dimand sword with sharpness 2 and fire aspect 1 when I spawned its gone and I died pls fix it


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IGN: Noki0012
By Noki0012 » over 5 years ago

My list of lost stuff.

  • Dimond sword ( Sharpness 3, Knockback 1, Loting 1, Unbreaking 1.)
  • Iron sword (Sharpness 2)
  • Grapple
  • Iron pants, chest, and helmet.
  • wood sword ( dont need to but if you can.)