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IGN: iProMelon
By iProMelon » over 5 years ago

I was talking and we have some ideas to implement to the server:

  1. Ranked players (since we have the '/tags' now):
    • Recruit (REC) > Initiate (INIT) > Apprentice (APTS) > Novice (NVCE) > Footpad (FTPD) > Disciple (DCPL) > Mercenary (MERC) > Assassin (ASSN) > Master Assassin (MA)
  2. ​Next we are adding islands, as you all should know, to the next map update. With these new islands we have a few ideas:
    • ​​Grapples disabled in water
    • Buyable boats
    • Island teleport tokens (teleport you instantly to the island):
      • ​MVP and VIP get these daily
      • Achievable through the vote crate
      • Buyable at the shop
      • Permanent teleport token = 200k
      • When the player is teleporting their screen fades and then unfades after they teleport