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IGN: Adondriel
By Adondriel » over 5 years ago

The top voter each month will get to choose from a list of games that adondriel has available (there should be a forum post about it somewhere). The second place voter will receive 1 month VIP. In total, each month we will give away 1 game (OR 1 month MVP) and 1 month of VIP. 

1st Place: Choice of game from this list: Click Here OR 1 month MVP

2nd Place: 1 month VIP

Click Here to vote now!

If you are the First place winner on the 1st of the next month, contact Adondriel on Discord to tell him which reward you would like. If you do not contact him by the 15th, your reward will automatically be chosen as 1month MVP. Ex: you are the top voter for december, you would contact Adondriel by the 15th of January.

Discord Link:


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IGN: OkCya
By OkCya » over 5 years ago

GOOD! Melon didn't take the game i wanted B^)





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IGN: iProMelon
By iProMelon » over 5 years ago

I only wanted ARK