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IGN: Adondriel
By Adondriel » over 3 years ago
UPDATE 2/21/2019: Once the game Hytale is released, I plan to recreate this server within that game, assuming it supports what I want to do! Get hyped!!

It is with a heavy heart that I annouce that I have shutdown the server. The server may come back, if I end up getting more free time, and feel like starting up the server again.

My main issue with hosting Minecraft servers now is that Mojang has made it obvious that they don't care about the original PC community, as evidence by the fact that they don't seem to listen to our screams for PvP fixes. The other issue was with how hard it was to keep maintaining the server. When I first started this server, I had a need to make it fast and dirty, so I used a plugin called Skript, the issue with this is that Skript and all the other extras that hook into Skript, tend to be hard to get updated versions of, so everytime we try to update, it breaks just about every addon we have coded in Skript.

If I do start the server back up, it will be with plugins that are coded in Java, rather than Skript (which is very inefficient, as it stores it's data in a CSV file, instead of an actual database, not to mention is super outdated now). 

Some of the things I would like to see, that would make me come back to server hosting:
  • Mojang fixes the PvP issues.
  • Mojang actually makes/finishes the official plugin API that we were promised how many years ago.
It was fun while it lasted, but sadly all things must come to an end.

Thank you all for playing,


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IGN: BabbyPig
By Babby » over 3 years ago
Such a shame. I had so much fun playing on this server and I'm sure everyone else did too.
I hope that it comes back in future :)